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Pre-AP Program

Pre-AP is a suite of K-12 professional development resources and services. The purpose of the Pre-AP Initiative is to equip all middle and high school teachers with the strategies and tools they need to engage their students in active, high-level learning, thereby ensuring that every middle and high school student develops the skills, habits of mind, and concepts they need to succeed in college. Pre-AP Initiatives is a key component of the College Board's® K-12 Professional Development unit. 

Conceptually, Pre-AP is based on the following two important premises. The first is the expectation that all students can perform at rigorous academic levels. This expectation should be reflected in curriculum and instruction throughout the school such that all students are consistently being challenged to expand their knowledge and skills to the next level. 

The second important premise of Pre-AP is the belief that we can prepare every student for higher intellectual engagement by starting the development of skills and acquisition of knowledge as early as possible. Addressed effectively, the middle and high school years can provide a powerful opportunity to help all students acquire the knowledge, concepts, and skills needed to engage in a higher level of learning. 

Since Pre-AP teacher professional development supports explicitly the goal of college as an option for every student, it is important to have a recognized standard for college-level academic work. The Advanced Placement Program provides these standards for Pre-AP. Pre-AP teacher professional development resources reflect topics, concepts, and skills found in AP courses.

At Quaker Valley, Pre-AP is a framework for developing curriculum and delivering instruction. It uses the AP exam in a given course as the end point, and learning experiences are then planned backwards through the grades in order to prepare as many students as possible for enrolling in an AP class, or an introductory class at the college level. Research shows that students who complete an AP class are more likely to find success in college – regardless of their score on the AP exam. The goal of Pre-AP is to be inclusionary, not exclusionary. It is designed to open up access to high quality curriculum and learning experiences to more students, not to put students on an exclusionary AP ‘track.’ For more information, please visit the Pre-AP website.